Aluminium Foils for Blisters

Colour: Single / Two / Three

Thickness: 0.025 mm / 0.02 mm

Aluminium Foils for strips

Colour: Plain / Single / Two / Three

Thickness: 0.030 mm / 0.040 mm

PVC Film for Blisters

Thickness: 0.25 mm

Glass Bottles, Amber

Capacity: 15 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml, 100 ml, 130 ml, 200 ml

Type: Flat / Round

Cartons-Grey/White Duplex Board

Printed with PVC Lamination and Lock bottom


75gsm Chromic paper

PET Preforms

Type: Water, Liquor, Pharma

Colour: Natural , Tinted

Plastic Caps-Printed

PCO Neck, 28 mm, Blue

Aluminium ROPP Caps, Plain/Printed

Neck Size: 22 mm to 38 mm

Plastic Droppers  

22 mm with red rubber teat and black plastic
caps, transparent tube with markings

Other Packaging Materials

Multilayer Laminates

Multilayer Laminates Pouches

Multilayer Laminates Standup Pouches

PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves

Plastic Dispensing Cups & Spoons

BOPP Tapes

Zip Lock Bags

Eyelets & Washers

Empty Hard Gelatine Capsules



Baby Diapers

Feminine Napkins & Wraps

Adult Diapers

Bed Pads

Hospital / Medical Disposable – including gowns

Pet Pads

Packaging – wicketed bags & Bubblewrap & Soaker Pads


Texture: Microembossed with either diamond or sandblast pattern or Deep embossed

Colour: White, clear, pink or blue we can also colour match to meet your requirements

Co-extruded: Multi-layered films can create different characteristics on each side of the film including colours and/or different polymers for a unique feel or look. Our co-extruded films can be a different colour on each side or could have a different polymer on each side for eg. PE/PP or PE/PP/PE

Printed: we can offer a film or laminate printed with up to 6 colours in either permanent or wetness indicator inks with either a gravure or flexographic process.  We are able to print directly on to the film or the non-woven

Silicon: We have the ability to siliconise one side of our films

Laminates: We can offer a range of textile backsheets (TBS) that are either extrusion coated or adhesive laminated to either a SBPP or SMMS nonwovens. Our laminates may be either hydrophobic or hydrophillic